UACODERS - Career Opportunities

We Always are Looking for a Highly Qualified Candidates from Ukraine. The following positions reflect the jobs typical for UACODERS. While these positions are not presently open, we are always interested in employing the best people. For the proper applicant, we may always open a position. People who work at our company have possibility to study different things and to take a good experience with UACODERS.


  • IT Team Project Manager
  • IT Team Creative Manager
  • Stuff Manager
  • IT Support Manager


  • Application Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Domain Engineer
  • Compiler Engineer
  • Content Engineer


  • C/C++ Coder (LINUX,WINDOWS)
  • PERL/MYSQL Coder
  • PHP/MYSQL Coder
  • Delphi Coder
  • JAVA Coder
  • Linux System Coder (C+Assembler)
  • Windows System Coder (C+Assembler)

Designers & Artists:

  • WEB Designer
  • WEB Maker
  • 3D Designer
  • Artist
  • Banner Artist


  • Linux Security Expert.
  • Windows Security Expert.

UACODERS - a Custom Software Development Company greets additional skills. We welcome third year and elder IT students to work with us, like apprentice to get a good skills and maybe a good job at UACODERS.

How To Apply
Send your resume with a cover letter indicating what positions you are interested in. Your cover letter should state why you feel you are the proper candidate for the specific position, from a technical as well as team perspective. We prefer emailed resumes in MS Word, Postscript or PDF format. Here is form.