About us


UACODERS was founded in 1999 by group of educators of Zhitomir State Technological University (Ukraine) as an enterprise oriented to custom software development and outsourcing. The best source of professionals for this enterprise was among the last year students of the Zhitomir State Technological University, because it was easy to select professionals who had been studying and growing up on your eyes for the last 5-6 years. Also our company started to getting professionals from the job search boards using compleated testing of the candidates. For getting more complicated projects in a wide range of IT technologies we got professionals with various skills and unique knowledge. The main part of professionals whom we accepted to our team were from Zhitomir and some from other Ukrainian regions. From 2003 year we began including to our team remote professionals from other countries too. A strict selection gave to UACODERS company a good professionals with C/C++, JAVA, Delphi, PHP, PERL, MYSQL, Assembler skills and with Windows API, COM, DOM, Linux architecture, security, cryptography, networks, different applied algorithms, and much other rare knowledge.

The most of coders have a full time job in UACODERS, the others have their own flexible schedule of work.

UACODERS customers get benefits to select style of relationship with UACODERS. It can be a daily based consulting service with one or more of our professionals, a small time-to time job, a long time projects, long time software support, a team request (a separate team for customers will be created inside of UACODERS), or any other type of work style or cooperation. For customers' need UACODERS can create any team with customer's supervising or UACODERS itself. If a customer wants to supervise the team by himself, he can easily do it. UACODERS takes care about work day loading of each member of the team to avoid idles, solves all problems that can happen. Moreover, if the customer preferes, UACODERS can create a local low cost office for customer`s team needs.

UACODERS offers more than just professionals for job - company offers complete offshore outsourcing workgroup or even dedicated office creation for any type of IT projects.


Today UACODERS is managed by:

· Alexander Zaschipas Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
· Sergiy Zaschipas - Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
· Oleg Vlasenko - Chief Knowledge Officer
· Alexander Petrenko - Chief Financial Officer
· Andrey Yanovich - Chief Information Officer