Custom Software Development
We have an experience of developing a custom softwares using a deep knowledge of a great number of different IT fields:

  • Custom Apache and Proftpd modules.
  • JAVA (Including JAVA ME) programming
  • Linux programmig (C/C++, Shell, Assembly Language, Perl, Python, using QT, KDE, GTK, Kernel: threads, sockets, ioctl, memorymap)
  • Windows programming (MS Visual C, .NET, Delphi, Assembly Language, VBA, using: MFC, WTL, QT, OpenGL, DirectX, ActiveX, API )
  • MS Explorer Plug-ins
  • Network programming (IP technologies)
  • WebCam Linux & Windows applications
  • XML
  • MySQL Database Developing
  • PostgreSQL Database Developing
  • MS SQL Database Developing

Web Development
Our company offers the own web development knowledge. We have an experience in creating a wide range of web applications

  • Corporate sites
  • Small company sites
  • E-commerce sites like e-shops, e-banks, e-auctions, travel agencies
  • Entertainment web sites.

We can create a custom web solution for you or adapt existing free solutions for your business and safe your money.
We have a strong knowledge in a most powerful web development technologies including PHP, CGI, Perl, Python, Java, JavaScript, CSS and others.
You may quote a Web Site or Web Application which you want in a few hours.

Web Design
Our company has a few experienced proffessionals in art and web design who can create a great graphic products for you like:

  • Company Logo design
  • Web site design
  • Desktop application design
  • Advertisement banners design
  • Printable document design

and other graphic art products for your company style.

Internet Consulting and Support
We provide Internet consulting and technical support of IT in your business. We can take your web services and servers under our support and administration: We can support most of types of LINUX/FreeBSD servers (Apache, MySQL, PHP, CGI, Antivirus, Antispam, Security Auditing, e.t.c)
See our prices.

Workgroup Building
We can find a new creative people for your online team. Support them and control their works. We can create a team for your projects in our office or online. For this team we have a good office managers who will take care of this team. We can find managers for any of your projects - creative managers, project managers... etc. Our managers will effectively help to you to create any of your projects.

Dedicated office building and support
Our company offers a unique service in Ukraine: we can create an dedicated custom online office in Ukraine for any of your projects. This office will be created in Zhitomir, Ukraine in a reasonably priced office buildings. See our prices.

We always can discuss our prices. Go to Get Quote page and fill in the form with your project description. After the examination of your task our task managers will offer price and define terms.

It may take 48 hours or even less.