Software configuration management


The specific terminology of SCM, as well as its history, has given rise to controversy, and often varies.

Tool vendors as well as academics may find it to their advantage to deliberately change terminology or procedures to reduce the possibility of the customer (or field) from changing ("lock-in"), sometimes trying in this manner to redefine established acronyms.

Source configuration management (Often used to indicate that a variety of artifacts may be managed and versioned, including software code, documents, design models, and even the directory structure itself.)
Revision control (also known as version control or source control)

Configuration Identification

- What code are we working with?
Configuration Control
- Controlling the release of a product and its changes.
Status Accounting
- Recording and reporting the status of components.
- Ensuring completeness and consistency among components.
Build Management
- Managing the process and tools used for builds.
Process Management
- Ensuring adherence to the organization's development process.
Environment Management- Managing the software and hardware that host our system.
- Facilitate team interactions related to the process.
Defect Tracking- making sure every defect has traceability back to the source

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