Our primary concept for pricing is that it must be fair and straightforward. We offer three pricing options and will work with you to determine the most cost-efficient method for your project.

For the some custom services we have some special payment options:

You can contact us if you need some comments or you want to discuss the price of your project. We can always find the best and not expensive way to satisfy your requirements.

Hourly Hourly billing** for our services means that you are invoiced only for the time used. You may request any of our services at-will any of them, or to have us working hourly based on an estimate generated upon your request for proposals, scope of work, or project specification.

Service Type Rate*
Consulting & System Architecture $35/Hr
Project Management $30/Hr
Programming High Level (.NET, XML, ASP, SQL, System Architecture,...) $28/Hr
Programming Middle Level $18/Hr
WEB Design/Graphical design


*Billed in 15 minute increments. ** Minimal service time - 16 hours

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Project Based According to the amount of work and project specification that includes the business, functional, technical, creative, marketing details of the project, a fixed project fee can be assigned. For projects that are not yet well-defined, UACODERS can provide a project planning support to help you to compile your project requirements and to build specification of your project with separate description of each task.

Samples of a project prices As far as the all projects are custom quote based on the requirements, you can find below a list of typical project costs:

Project planning and task descriptions* $500+(Get Quote)
Custom Corporate Website** $2,000+(Get Quote)
Custom E-Commerce Website** $3,000+(Get Quote)
Custom Software or Database Application Varied (Get Quote)

**Includes expert Internet strategy consulting and project planning, detailed project documentation, website prototype, high-end creative, development/programming, testing/quality assurance, and search engine optimization.

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Prepay A prepaid offers the best flexibility to meet shifting design, development, and consulting needs. This option allows you to purchase a fixed amount of time each month at a discount. The allotted time can be used for ongoing consulting, design, development or marketing services. Standart discounts which we offer you can see here. Custom service retainers and maintenance contracts are available upon a request.

Online Consulting We provide online consulting using prices which you select. You may prepay some time* by Hourly prices. We may discuss the month payment, where bigger discounts will be included.
*Minimal prepaid time 16 hours.

Online Support We provide online support of your projects using prices which you select. You may prepay some hours* by Hourly prices. We may discuss month price based on hourly prices which include bigger discounts.
*Minimal prepaid time 16 hours.

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Proffesionals Search We provide professional's search with fixed price 200$ per professional + 15% of his month salary for each month during 1 year. In case, the professional after 1 month work does not satisfy customer's requirements, we'll find you the other one for FREE. We provide a FREE search of professional if the hired person is working under our supervision.

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Dedicated outsourcing office The Price of creating dedicated office may vary depending on many factors. The Example price of the chipest office which we support now: One Room Office in office building with alarm system with Internet 1Gbit - 20G monthly traffic 3 computers (Celeron 3.0/1G/HDD120G/Display 19"), Printer,Scanner One Phone Line (Ukrtelecom) ---------------------------------- Installing - 5000$ A Month support and fees - 950$

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Payment conditions: Any terms are negotiable, but here are typical payment terms: Projects less than $500 - require 100% advance payment Projects from $500 to $1500 - 50% advance prepay - 50% after the delivery Projects more than $1500 - 40% advance prepay - 40% after beta version delivery - 20% after final version delivery If we work for you hourly, we will send you an invoice on the 1st and 16th of each month. All source code will remain in "escrow" until the project will by fully paid.

Standart Discounts Hourly based discounts* 176 hours (1 month of work) 5% discount 528 hours (3 months of work) 10% discount 1056 hours ( 6 months of work) 15% discount Project based discounts*: 100% prepaid 15% discount 50% prepaid 10% discount * All discounts will be applied only for retainer hours only. See also our work conditions Contact us to learn more about our price options.

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